The application has so far only been tested on a ZTE Open C and Sony Xperia Z3c.

Bottom toolbar buttons

  • delete recorded track
  • start/stop recording track
  • current position (GPS)
  • share/export current track

Importing gpx files

  • files need to be located in "tracks" or "Download" (with extension .gpx) on the device

Exporting gpx files

  • Files will be stored in "tracks" on the device, or they can be sent via bluetooth

Offline support

The application caches map data on the device and can be switched into an offline mode where it only uses locally stored map data (so it doesn't use up your data allowance when on the move).

It is recommended to pre-cache the relevant area of the map before going on a hike.

Upcoming Features

  • download map data of area for offline use


Version 1.5.6

  • never try to load map data when we are definitely offline
  • improve power consumption for native GPS helper
  • discard garbage GPS data

Version 1.5.5

  • port to Tizen smartwatch

    • GPS location tracking via Human Activity Monitor or native service app

Version 1.5

  • updated leafletjs library
  • avoid unnecessary redraws (to save battery)

Version 1.4

  • ported to Tizen 3

Version 1.3

  • updated leafletjs library
  • fixed bug preventing save window closing
  • request GPS wake lock for Firefox OS 2.6+ compatibility

Version 1.2

  • respect "Expires" HTTP header when retrieving map data

Version 1.1

  • added French translation
  • updated leafletjs library
  • sort file names in file selection window

Version 1.0

  • issue 2 - periodically backup currently recorded route in persistent storage
  • issue 10 - Map scaling

Version 0.9

  • updated leafletjs library
  • implemented "open" activity for GPX files
  • issue 1 - aded missing "storage" permission in manifest file
  • issue 5 - Multiple segments were not always properly separated
  • issue 6 - allow configuration of tile servers
  • issue 8 - allow usage of external SD card
  • issue 9 - added confirmations before clearing the cache, deleting the track or deleting a map layer

Version 0.8

  • error handling and pre-fill filename when saving GPX tracks
  • updated leaflet to latest dev snapshot
  • added Bing Ordnance Survey map layer

Version 0.7

  • initial version of elevation plot
  • reduce display updates when in background (to improve battery life)
  • fixed track length calculation for multi-segment tracks

Version 0.6

  • remember map view when closing application
  • map scale and track length are now displayed just above the bottom toolbar
  • use better icons for locate and delete buttons
  • added version information

Version 0.5

  • save multiple track segments when tracking has been paused
  • cleaned up and tweaked the user interface for settings and statistics
  • published as hosted application at http://hikingmaps.cmeerw.net
  • also works when FirefixOS specific Web Activities are not available (i.e. with Chrome)

Version 0.4

  • use leafletjs dev snapshot
  • fixed onsubmit event handling in GPX export
  • usable in Chrome/Chromium 37, except for GPX export (app is also unable to access the ETag HTTP header resulting in non-optimal caching behaviour)

Version 0.3

  • fixed algorithm for elevation gain/loss to better cope with jittery GPS
  • added min/max elevation to statistics

Version 0.2

  • Export track as GPX
  • Import waypoints from GPX
  • added Thunderforest Outdoors map layer
  • collect basic statistics (note that the elevation gain/loss might not be very accurate due to jittery GPS data)
  • added Spanish and Portuguese translations

Version 0.1

  • Initial version

3rd Party Components

Privacy Policy

The application does not collect any user data.